Monday, 30 April 2018

A fun day out in Liège

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Yesterday, Bert and I spent the entire afternoon and evening in Liège. You may wonder why, seeing neither of us are that keen on Liège. 
Well, because first we were meeting up with our awesome friend Mary, and then we were going to see haru live. Good enough reason to brave Liège. 
Or not? 
Click to find out.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Cherry blossoms and Japanese fashion

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Last Sunday (April 22nd) Lora drove to our house, and then hopped into the car with Bert and I and Bert drove us all to the Japanese garden in Hasselt for a Jfashion meet. 
Bert doesn’t normally go to meets with us, and he rarely dresses up for them either (he hadn’t this time), but sometimes he tags along to take photos if it’s at a location he wants to see. Like a pretty Japanese garden. 

Click for cherry blossoms and Japanese fashion!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Star Wars Identities at Brussels Expo - exhibition and VIP party

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On April 2nd, Star Wars Identities opened in Palais 2 of Brussels Expo. 
On the 4th, it was the evening of the VIP party. Bert and I were lucky enough to attend both as members of the press for BCM, and there will be pages on both in #36, which won't be out for a while still (early July, but the exhibition runs 'till September 2nd so it's ok). 
In the mean while, this is my personal run down of both.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Satsuki's final REBOOT

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I admit that the title of this post is more dramatic than is necessary, but I felt it sounds good so there you go :). Yesterday it was the last concert of Satsuki's REBOOT tour at Le Garage in Liège, Belgium.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Book review - "Very Important Corpses" by Simon R Green

Everyone that knows me, knows that Simon R Green is my favourite author.
Whilst I have always been LOVING his Nightside books, I've been at least as big a fan of his Ishmael Jones stories ever since they came out.
They're set in the same world and timeline as his Nightside, Secret Histories and Ghost Finders series, but so far there haven't been any crossovers other than some mentions to the Droods and the Ghostfinders.
That said, I absolutely adore the setting, and if you also love murder mysteries, you should absolutely, totally, right now, go check these out.

Very Important Corpses is the third book in the series, following after the first, The Dark Side of the Road, and its sequel Dead Man Walking.
The omnious titles are apt, by the way.

I'm not going to say anything about the previous installments, nor about the main characters. If you want spoilers, you'll have to find someone else, because these books are pretty darn amazing and you need to read them yourself. Trust me, it's worth it.

Obviously, Ishmael is still the enigmatic lead. And neither him nor his partner Penny have changed a whole lot. What I love about Ishmael is that, despite his background, he's still a very real character. He's there to get things done, and the problem/mystery solved, but he's not a superhero. From all of SRG's male leads, I feel that Ishmael is the most human and the most relatable, having his own insecurities and almost quirks. I feel that Penny and Ishmael are the most “real” of all SRG's power pairings also, especially in this book, and I absolutely loved the interaction between them and the other characters and how they changed and evolved in this book.

Just like it's two predecessors, this book has dead people in a house and Ishmael has to find out who did the misdeed. You'd think that the same kind of setting would get boring, but it really doesn't. The premise may be the same, the setting is always extremely different. The supporting cast, so to speak, is different and the leads continuously grow and involve, so it never gets boring. And of course, the question always is: will the villain(s) be human or supernatural monsters, which is also always fun to find out.

I'm going to stop gushing now, I really enjoyed this book, this is my favourite in the series so far, and I can't wait to get my hands on the next one Death Shall Come next month and Into The Thinnest of Air in June. More Ishamael Jones is always better. Try them, you'll agree with me if you're also into murder mysteries.

For more of my book reviews, go visit Never Was Magazine, because I generally publish them on there (not all of those are by me, btw, fair is fair!) :).


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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

A day out in Lille

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Of burgers, shopping, exploring town and all things Bleu (not a typo by the way, as will become clear from the post ;)).

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

a new edition of BCM and a sunny afternoon in photographs

First things first, today I released the latest copy of BCM magazine. 
Its totally and 100% FREE, all you have to do to get a copy is click this link and download it :). 
We've got art, fashion, music, interviews with Mikaru, John Rhys-Davies, Anthony Daniels, Dean Cain, Nichelle Nichols and She, in the haze. 
Live music, music, movie, anime and manga reviews, travel stories and features and much more! 
So worth checking out, especially because it's you know, free :) 
Might as well download ;) 

And now for a photo post. 
Because Bert and I were in Mechelen last Saturday, and we came across a bunch of things that I photographed :). 
Click for streetart and sakura trees in the middle of town :) 

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Flashback faves April 2017

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I had quite a few favourites in April of last year, and just like every month, I am taking a look at all of them to see which ones I still own and how I like them now, about a year later. Do I still like them, do I still use them? And what happened to the ones I don't own anymore, because there's those as well.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Favourites of the month: March 2018

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- Fujifilm instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC 
- Fujifilm instax square SQ10 
- HEMA, speech bubble stickers 
- Polar Frost – pain relieving cold gel with aloe vera 
- Yves Rocher, chamomile cleanser 
- Yves Rocher, long-lasting moisturizing hand cream 

I stopped buying quite as much make-up and beauty stuff like I used to do. Not because I suddenly lost interest in it, I havent at all. Quite on the contrary. But the reality is that I have what I need, and buying more would just end up in more stuff that barely gets used. And that's just a waste of both money and product. So that's why there are fewer items in this month's favourite than what you'll come to know from me. So yeah, here are the things I loved in March!