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Favourites of the month: March 2018

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- Fujifilm instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC 
- Fujifilm instax square SQ10 
- HEMA, speech bubble stickers 
- Polar Frost – pain relieving cold gel with aloe vera 
- Yves Rocher, chamomile cleanser 
- Yves Rocher, long-lasting moisturizing hand cream 

I stopped buying quite as much make-up and beauty stuff like I used to do. Not because I suddenly lost interest in it, I havent at all. Quite on the contrary. But the reality is that I have what I need, and buying more would just end up in more stuff that barely gets used. And that's just a waste of both money and product. So that's why there are fewer items in this month's favourite than what you'll come to know from me. So yeah, here are the things I loved in March!
Favourites of the month: March 2018

March faves in colour :)


Photo of the day: 25.3.2018 

Instant photography fun 
I do really love instant photography! I am now constantly trying to resist buying the instax Wide as well. I do really love the format, and it's not more expensive per frame as the square, but its so big and cumbersome to carry around! I don't think I would much enjoy carrying that beast around! So I think that I'll just stick to these two!

Fuji instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC 

When my old instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC died last June, I initially refused to buy a new one. But after several months of seeing instax fun everywhere, I admitted I missed taking instant photos far too much and replaced it with a brown version. 

Fuji instax square SQ10 

And because one wasn't enough, and the NEO CLASSIC isn't that practical for editorial work, I got a Square SQ10 as well. At one point I'm going to write a blog post on these two.

speech bubble stickers 

HEMA is carrying a lot of really fun instax accessories and decorations. These speech bubble stickers are by far my faves. 


Polar Frost 

Freeze the soreness 
I first discovered Polar Frost when I was getting physical therapy a while ago. It was so good that I had to have a tube all for myself. It really does feel very cold, and it smells like peppermint but it does wonders. Like, seriously, I kid you not. And it is far more efficient than the chemical variations you usually get at the pharmancy and without chemical rubbish. It's also really good against bruises. I had an accident a while ago where a drawer dropped on my foot, two days of regular use of this and all was well again! So yeah, loving this! 


Yves Rocher - chamomile cleanser 

Yves Rocher, chamomile cleanser 
I absolutely ADORE this! I use it every morning on a hydrophilic washcloth, and it really cleans my skin. I also use it to remove make-up and again: so good. It really gets everything off. It's replaced my usual Hydra Végetal cleanser because this is way better. And since I started using this, my skin has become a lot clearer, too. 


Yves Rocher - handcream 

Yves Rocher, long-lasting moisturizing hand cream 
I quite enjoy this. I got a free one at some point. I have had it before, but they changed the formula a little and now it's definitely in the same league as the Weleda almond hand cream. So I believe I will be using this from now on because it's cheaper and just as good. 


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