Friday, 30 June 2017

Favourites of the month - June 2017

Favourites of the month - June 2017

– essence, all about matt! oil blotting paper 
– M.A.C, eye shadow in Lime 
– M.A.C, eye shadow in Rule 
– M.A.C, eye shadow x 9 in Semi Sweet 
– M.A.C, eye shadow x 9 in Tropic Cool 
– M.A.C, lipstick in 4EVA 
– M.A.C, blush in Full of Joy 
 – Yves Rocher, lipid-replenishing lotion 
– Too Faced, Go Ahead and Lie 
– Too Faced, Unicorn Tears 
– Shadowhunters, season 2B 

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

essence 15th anniversary box review

essence - 15th anniversary box 

Yes this a PR box, but NO you don't have to be on some kind of PR list to get your hands on this. 
For their 15th anniversary, essence is having these photo booths up at select stores. 
I point blank stumbled upon one when I was in Antwerp last Saturday, entirely by accident (if they had had 3 concealer brushes in the Keizerlei Kruidvat, I wouldn't even have been there, so I'm glad that store only had one). 
Basically, the photo booth was outside the Groenplaats Kruidvat, and because I can never resist a photo booth, I dragged Bert in it with me. 
Turns out all you had to do was record the message “Happy Birthday, I like essence” and you got this PR box. I was totally up for that. 

Let's open the box!

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Genderless kei

I really wish this was the norm. I firmly believe that fashion and beauty are genderless, so if a guy wants to wear make-up and women's clothing, or a girl doesn't want to wear make-up and men's clothing, I'm totally ok with that. So I'm spreading a little awareness of genderless kei by sharing this documentary. Watch it, it's short but really good.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Review: M.A.C eye shadow x 9 in Semi-Sweet

M.A.C eye shadow x 9 in Semi-Sweet 

I know a lot of people say that the x 9 palettes by M.A.C are not there quality wise, compared to their single (pan) eye shadows. 
I often hear that especially the limited editions are pretty fail. 
I can, of course, only speak for the x 9 palettes I own, and I can honestly say that mine are on point with with regular M.A.C shadows. 

So yeah, click the cut to read more about these 9 semi sweet shades! 

Friday, 16 June 2017

SCARGOT live in Liège


Last Sunday (June 11), Bert and I drove (well he drove, I was in the car) down to Liège, on literally the other side of the country, to see G.L.A.M.S live during their Queen of the Night tour's final at Le Garage in Liège. 

I will write about that particular concert later, this is pretty much a picture post of SCARGOT's opening show. 
They've opened for HIGHFeeL/REALive bands before, but this was actually the first time I heard them perform. 
I didn't see 95% of the live as I was in the backstage interviewing Mikaru, but I mostly liked what I heard. 

Needless to say, I've left writing the actual concert review for BCM to Bert (who was in the first row taking photos). 
There'll be different photos in that review too, as Bert isn't uploading the editorial shots before the next issue is out (early July). 

Anyway, have some SCARGOT photos, all by Bert, who is on flickr, twitter and instagram

Thursday, 8 June 2017

yay, new glasses!

new glasses

Well, I’ve had these for a few weeks now, I just never got around to actually writing about them because I wanted to write about other things first. 
C’est la vie. 

There’s some really old photos of Bert and I in this post, which is kinda funny, really. 
Making this post, I’ve also come to the conclusion that Bert and I should probably not be allowed into a photo booth with other people. Oh well :). 

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Time for a crocodile sandwich!

Photo of the day: 4.6.2017 (day 155)

Well, it was more like a crocodile burger. 
But let me start at the beginning. 
Somewhere in the middle of last week, I saw a tweet on the Visit Antwerp twitter about Barrio Cantina, the annual food truck festival, being on last weekend. Now, I have been wanting to go to a food truck festival for years. But something _always_ came up. So now I saw my chance and basically dragged Bert out to to Antwerp with me last Saturday!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Beauty evenings and lack of hygiene

I know this kind of post is kind of not done, but I'm going to do it anyway. 
Because it's important this sort of thing is said because people legit need to be warned about this. 
Last Thursday (June 1st) I went to a beauty evening at my local ICI PARIS XL store. 
ICI PARIS XL is best compared to Ulta and Sephora in the US and Sephora in France. Pretty much every larger town and definitely every city has at least one IPXL store. 
I had booked my spot last month, and it was a €30 spot because that was the value of the goodie bag. 

I figured going to this would be fun, I had wanted to try Glamglow products for a while, and Bert and I thought it would be good in terms of dealing with my social anxiety issues to do something like this. 
Plus, I love trying new products, so it seemed like a good thing to try in general.
Click to find out about the horror story that followed...

Monday, 5 June 2017

Yay analog! Box Camera Week

Ghostly buildings

As I mentioned before in another post, May 22 – 28 was Box Camera Week
I actually managed to bring the film to HEMA to get it sorted by their lab in said week, but I didn’t manage to pick it back up ‘till last Saturday and couldn’t scan before today. 
BUT, here are my photos! 

All these are shot with my Agfa Clack using Ilford Delta 100 film. 
Even though these are “regular” style photos, this is still a medium format camera. It just does this style of photos rather than the square(ish) frames. This does mean there’s 8 photos on a roll instead of 12, but that’s ok :).

Friday, 2 June 2017

That time I went Across Japan.

Across Japan

Last Sunday, May 29th, Bert and I traveled into the wilds of Limburg to go to Hasselt (if you don’t know the area, trust you me, it is not that easy to get around in!) to visit Across Japan at the local fashion museum. 

Handy tip: go to exhibitions in Hasselt on a Sunday and park at the Kolonel Dusartplein. It’s within walking distance of pretty much everywhere in town. Check if there isn’t anything going on, on the square though first, else that free parking area is definitely out also. 

Anyway: to the expo! 

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Favourites of the month: June – flashback to last year

June favorites

First of all, let me be 100% honest and say I totally copied the idea for these posts from Emily Fox
I just think it’s so much fun, and I love to see her flashback faves videos, so I want to do them too. 
But in blog format as I'm not on youtube. My first favourites of the month post was from June last year, so it stands to reason that the first flashback faves post will be that month :). 

So what’s this about? 
Basically I look back to last year’s favourites, and see how I feel about them now, a year later. 
Do I still love them, do I even still own them? 
Click to find out!