Thursday, 20 December 2018

Book review: How to Date your Dragon by Molly Harper

I’m not a fan of romance novels. 
I never have been, and I don’t think I ever will be. That said, however, I gladly make an exception for Molly Harper’s works, because I do dig her particular brand of snarky romance with bite (as she describes her works herself, it’s apt).

I’m especially fond of her Half-Moon Hollow books, of which I’ve read nearly every single instalment (all of them minus the one starring Finn, because I’m not a Finn fan, and the one starring Ben, because I’ve not gotten ‘round to it yet).
Understandably, I’m more than a little excited for Fall 2019 when the newest book in the series is released!

That aside, I did give the first book in her new series about Mystic Bayou a shot, because when I read the synopsis I felt that it simply had to be entertaining.
And I was right!

How to Date your Dragon is a really fun read, a good laugh and a nice combo of supernatural with a touch of romance and murder mystery (even though I guessed who the murderer was pretty early on). The characters are cool, I like the personalities of all of them (minus some, but I’m pretty sure they’re written to be unlikable). And I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve re-read it a few times (but then again I’ve re-read all Molly Harper books I own several times).
What I loved most about it is probably the quirky and slightly absurd setting, and much as I LOVE Half-Moon Hollow, I think I really wouldn’t mind living in Mystic Bayou!
This book is just so over the top that it warms my heart, and I can’t help but love this new world she’s created. And secretly I of course hope for a cross-over with Half-Moon Hollow, because that would be the BEST THING EVER!

Even if you don’t like romance novels, I would still recommend this if you’re into books starring supernatural creatures or murder mysteries. But only if romance doesn’t bother you, because even though it reads very “I’m putting this in here for the lulz and because it’s expected of this kind of book” I can imagine that it’s still not for everyone and it does have a dime store feel. I don’t mind, as I feel it adds to the cheesiness (and I’m here for the cheese), but I’ve heard several people say that it really puts them off, so fair warning is fair and you should all consider yourself to be warned.

I know this is all terribly vague as far as a review goes, but I want to steer as far away from spoiler territory as I can, because especially with books, you just have to find out things for yourself. Especially with a story this funny and entertaining.

I have a pretty good idea what the next book is going to be about, so I’m eagerly awaiting the release to see if I’m right (I heard from a friend it’s out on audible, but I’m waiting for the kindle release).
But in the mean-time, I’ll be reading the books I still need to review for Never Was that I’m behind on, and then I’ll be checking out The Accidental Sire, because I am quite ready for a Half Moon Hollow fix. (Please, please, please, write a book about Georgie!)


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