Friday, 5 March 2021

The Adventures of Salem, Kiwi-chan and Joop Destroyer of Worlds: February Shenanigans

A bit later than usually, but here are February's cat adventures! I still need to figure out a blog schedule that fits with a youtube scheduele, so please bare with me whilst I do so! First of all, there are a LOT of cat shenenigans in my February snippets video. Which really shows off what I have to live with!


Wednesday, 3 March 2021

February Wizarding World haul


Well, here we go, my very first actual haul video! :)

I think this kind of video is called talking head, which amuses me to no end.
Whilst I am not making any promises towards an upload schedule, I will try to do these more often, because there is for sure room for improvement :’).
That said, I had fun making this, and that’s all that matters, and I hope that whomever has a look also has fun watching it! :)

And considering we've had to cough up a phone number (thankfully evil Google already had Bert's phone number because I would have fully gone IGTV otherwise [yes FB is also evil]) I will be able to have a proper intro and outro image next time! 

Find me online: instagram - YouTube 

Monday, 1 March 2021

The Last week of February 2021 in photos

Photo of the day: 24.2.2021

The baffled stare of a cat who realises it's been a whole year of COVID-19. Thankfully there were plenty of nice, non plague things to the week, too!

Monday, 15 February 2021

Valloween week in photos (February 8-14)

Some brilliant soul on the internet has turned Valentine's Day into Valloween. I can't abide by commercial hearts day, but an additional Halloween in February? That I am absolutely here for :D.

Valloween card

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

The Quibbler Cat #1 is here, and its FREE!

A while ago, my friend Alex and I were talking, and suddenly decided it would be good fun to put together a Potterverse zine. 
And so we did!

Here’s our very first edition of 
The Quibbler Cat!

We’ve got interviews, fashion, cosplay and more!

And the best thing, it’s FREE!

Download your own digital copy here!

If you feel like submitting, which you would be most welcome to do, check the magazine to find out how!

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Warhol: The American Dream Factory

Warhol: the Dream Factory 

Back in October of last year, Bert and I went to visit Warhol: The American Dream Factory at La Boverie in Liège (Belgium). It's been ages ago, but the expo is still running for a bit, so I figured I'd do a photo post regardless! I did write a review of it for Never Was Magazine, so rather than repeat myself, I am pointing you to that one if you're interested :). 
Needless to say, Bert and I really enjoyed it, so let's get on with photos! 

Monday, 8 February 2021

The first week of February 2021 in photos (1-7)

Snow day 

I'm pretty sure February won't be much of an improvement over January, but eh, let's make the best of it! This is the first week in daily photos and assorted shenenigans :) 

Wednesday, 3 February 2021

The big Brexit (un)safe list

First of all let me state that this list is based off my personal experiences. If I have had bad experiences with a company, I obviously won't be ordering from them again, so if you have other experiences than I do, please leave a comment so this can be as accurate as possible.
I will keep updating this post, so please check back regularly. 
Remember, customs rules and regulations differ from country to country. I am in Belgium, so the rules and costs that apply to me might not be the same as they are to you as each EU country is different. So ask your search engine to cough up the page with your own customs regulations and read those carefully before you order.

Cat adventures: January 2021

The internet is for cats my dudes, it's a fact!  

Photo of the day: 10.1.2021

Monday, 1 February 2021

Last week of January 2021 in photos :)

That snitch stood no chance 

It was the last week of the #newyearnewmagicchallenge on instagram, which is by no means a promise you'll see less Potterverse photos pop up in these posts in the future! I'm a total geek, not gonna try and hide it!

Thursday, 28 January 2021

Why I will not shop at HEMA anymore

First of all let me start by saying that this is my personal decision, and I will not think less of anyone who reads this and still goes to HEMA. It’s entirely up to you where you spend your money and its definitely not because I find a valid reason for me to stop shopping there that you need to follow suit. But I’m putting this out there anyway, because this is something that needs to be addressed.

Here’s a little context. I have been a loyal customer to this store (often forgoing shopping at other HEMA stores to give my local one business) since it opened, which is many, many years now. Everyone that knows me knows I LOVED HEMA, I would get loads of things there, I would bring my rolls of film there to get developed, not shopping there anymore is an actual nuisance, and yet, I am done with them.

Here’s why. On Friday the 8th of January, I went to the local HEMA.  I walked in, Bert waited for me at the entrance in case I needed help (I am disabled, sometimes I do need assistance, it is how it is, and legally, I am allowed to shop with 1 person that can provide said assistance). I was wearing my face shield, correctly. Again, Belgian law, our FEDERAL government, clearly states that if one is unable to wear a face mask due to medical reasons, that person is allowed to wear a face shield. So I was not doing anything illegal or untoward at all. I just went about the store, looking for what I needed, putting it in my basket and going to register to pay. You could argue that ERMARGERD IT IS A PANDEMIC AND YOU SHOULD NOT BE OUT! But sometimes people actually NEED things, and I will not allow anyone to lock me inside and prohibit me to get the things I need. The law is, once again, on my side on this one. If it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be so many anti-discrimination laws ;).

And that’s when it happened. The lady at the register told me I wasn’t welcome anymore because I wore a face shield. Note how there were several staff present in the shop, there were hardly any shoppers, there was no way she and/or any of her colleagues hadn’t seen me. So basically, they were ok with taking my money and then kicking me out, but not addressing me as soon as they saw me and politely, rather than bitchily, talking to me.

I tried to reason with her, on the brink of an anxiety attack because I am NOT good with being put on the spot at all. To absolutely no avail. Apparently this was, wait for it, shop policy…

So I took it to twitter when I got home, because in my experience, companies only respond when called out in public. I got a response from HEMA a few days later, probably a bit bothered by the #ableist I used in my tweet, requesting I DM them to explain what happened. I did so, and guess what… not even an apology.

What I got was a thank you for mentioning it, could they talk to the store and get my contact details. And they left a HEART emoji. Completely inappropriate. Oh and an automated request to rate the service.

I kid… you…not.

I said they were welcome to contact me, I gave them my email, point blank said I wanted all communication in writing and wasn’t here for empty apologies (not that I was going to get any full stop mind you). So a clear hint I wanted a policy change.

Over a week later I got another DM from another HEMA employee, telling me they had contacted the store and that they should get in touch. Guess what, they haven’t… and I don’t expect them to either.

What grates me the most is that there was no a single “sorry this happened, we can assure you that this is NOT HEMA’s policy”. There was no pressing or at least TRYING to convince me that this was a rogue employee acting in a manner that the store doesn't agree with, nor stand for. Meaning that I was probably not lied to in the store when I got kicked out, and that it IS indeed store policy to discriminate against the disabled and chronically ill. So that’s why I refuse to give them another cent of my money, even if I make my own life harder and possibly more expensive (HEMA is usually pretty darn cheap). I REFUSE to support a chain that actively encourages discrimination against people that are chronically ill and/or disabled.

Additionally, I contacted UNIA, the Belgian anti-discrimination agency (that wasn’t an empty threat I made to HEMA), explained the situation to them, and the staffer that got back to me was super friendly, asked me a couple more (perfectly reasonable) questions so they could take it to the store. Because guess what: I was indeed victim of discrimination and again: the goddamn law is on my side! The law that HEMA saw fit to break, because it very much seems discriminating against the disabled and chronically ill is store policy.

Do with this story what you want dear reader, but I won’t shop at HEMA again.

FIY I don’t enjoy making this kind of post or kicking up a fuss, not in the slightest. I find it very, very stressful. But the fact is, if people don’t speak up against discrimination and ableism, then it will keep happening and it’ll get worse. Only by speaking up and making a stand, even when and if it is hard (and this is) can we hope to if not improve upon things, at least make clear we know our rights and won’t stand for them getting ignored.

I am disabled, I don’t have COVID-19 (I have a myriad of conditions but I assure you that NONE are contagious!). I will wear a face shield, I have clean hands, I keep my distance. When I need to go out I will go out, the end. I REFUSE to let anyone dictate me that I can’t live my life and should lock myself in. I am no danger what so ever to anyone, therefore I fail to see why I should allow others to tell me I’m only allowed a life inside behind a computer.

We have left the times where disabled and chronically ill people were locked up inside most days of the year only for their family to be pitied and them to be a subject of conversation behind their backs. Now is a crucial time to make it clear we are NOT returning to those times. 


Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Book review: The Dead Oaks, Book one: Ghost Stories

A while ago, Dez Schwartz kindly made the first installment in her Dead Oaks series available for free. I can't remember what the reason was, but a friend of mine followed her, and because of that follow I saw the tweet. Of course, she had me at free and paranormal (not going to lie) and I gave her a follow because you know, free book the least I could do (I did thank her of course, because it was mighty nice of her!).

Anyway, yesterday I finally had time to sit down and read the book, and I immediately fell in love with the setting. I love the misfits that are the main characters, I love how they come together and together overcome well, a lot of things (trying to keep this spoiler free guys!). And come on, how cool is the name "Dead Oaks Paranormal Society"? I could ramble on, but this is just a really good book. It's quite short, so you can go through it quite quickly, which is fun. The story is brilliant, it's very to the point, no endlessly beating around the bush and page long descriptions, just a really cool read at a great pace with loveable (and hateable depending on who we're talking about) characters that are relatable. I also love that despite this being a ghost story of a sort, it's not ridiculously scary. I started reading this before bed and had no trouble sleeping (I am a long time horror movie watcher, but ghost stories are historically not my fave as some are TERRIFYING).

I am for sure getting the other books in the series, and also, not going to lie, I want a Dead Oaks Paranormal Society tee now. Cream on brown please (I know grey on black is likely more appropriate but come on, I am a steampunk at heart, I love my browns). 

So yeah, if you are looking for a fun (LGTBQ) story that isn't too long and has a supernatural element to it, give this one a look. Would recommend!