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Last week in photos: March 26 - April 1 2018

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All sorts of fun, and not all of it is Star Wars or cat related, rest assured! :)

Photo of the day: 26.3.2018 (day 85)

Monday, March 26 (day 85) 
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1 
Had to run an errand for Bert and passed by this Star Wars Identities poster. On exactly a week before the exhibition opens. I've been looking forward to this for literally months and months, so I was happy to see this. Because I'm a mega geek of course! 


random Loa cat photos 

Tuesday, March 27 (day 86) 
Camera: instax square SQ10 
Loa and I were making some photos to help my buddy Peter promote the Best Wookie competition that his company was holding. 
Because you know, we're dorks and we like having geeky fun as much as the next person, or in Loa's case: cat :). 


Photo of the day: 28.3.2018 (day 87) 

Wednesday, March 28 (day 87) 
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1 
The moon necklace from Peppermint Fox I ordered back in December finally arrived. So here's a picture. 


Photo of the day: 29.3.2018 (day 88) 

Thursday, March 29 (day 88) 
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1 
I went for dinner at my inlaws and look how cute those potato thingamajigs are! I guess they're kinda like hashbrowns? Still cute! 


Friday, March 30 (day 89) 
Bert and I went to Lille for the day. 
I shot a whole roll of film too, so I'm going to hold off choosing my photo of today 'till that comes back, because I shot some really cool things on that, and those things are ONLY on my analog camera.

Outfit: 30.3.2018 

Outfit shot: 
We went to see Bleu at the Natural History Museum, so I just had to wear blue things. I kinda hate the weather right now though, because during the day it's totes warm enough to wear an outfit like this, but once it's past 8pm (or if you're unlucky, like we were yesterday) it becomes super cold XD. 
Hat: Failsworth 
Glasses: Theo 
Jacket: H&M 
Scarf: ASOS 
Cardigan: Bel&Bo 
Dress: Monki 
Tights: Teja Jamilla 
Boots: Palladium 
Bag: Zatchels 
Accessories: handmade, Fossil, Han Cholo, Peppermint Fox 
And because people are going to ask what I'm drinking if I don't put it here straight away: matcha latte from Starbucks. There you have it :). 


Photo of the day: 31.3.2018 (day 90) 

Saturday, March 31 (day 90) 
Camera: instax square SQ10 
Selfie of Claire and I in Antwerp :) 
 They didn't suddenly start making special square film, that's just some washi tape from HEMA stuck to it :) 


Photo of the day: 1.4.2018 (day 91) 

Sunday, April 1 (day 91) 
Camera: Canon EOS 700D, 18-55mm Canon lens 
Just a quick little Easter composition because you know, it was Easter. 


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Make-up and outfit shots (unless otherwise indicated) by Bert Van den Wyngaert  

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