Wednesday, 30 May 2018

May favourites

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I don't have a lot of faves this month at all, but rather than saving them up and posting them every couple of months, I'm still sticking to a monthly format.
So click to find out what I liked best this month!

- Bioworld, Rebellion logo snapback 
- Sebastian Masuda, Time After Time Capsule -Bear- 
- Monki, oversized dress with all over eye print 
- Primark, beauty sponges

May faves 


Primark beauty sponges 

I won't lie, I did seriously consider buying an actual beauty blender, but at the close to €20 pricetag, I figured I should at least see if a damp sponge works well with my concealer before shelling out that kind of cash. Turns out the egg shaped one does the trick just fine. The other one I use to dab in my SPF 50 setting spray, and basically whichever ones of those are fine, so I don't see why I should spend a lot of money for that purpose. So I'm going to sit it out for a bit. If the egg one holds up properly, I will stick to these €2 for 2 ones. If it dies on me rather quickly, I will switch to a real beauty blender. So yeah, I've been really enjoying beauty sponges this month, so they deserve a spot in my faves. Whether or not I'm sticking with the Primark ones is another story of course.  


Star Wars snapback 

Neutral rebel 
I already had a Star Wars Rebel Alliance/Rebellion (it's the same logo so no telling which one it is) hat, which is super cool. But it's also black with bright orange (and a super cool space battle scene on the inside of the flap bit), which means it by no means goes with anything. So when Large was doing a nearly 50% off sale, I got this one. Which goes with everything the other one doesn't go with. Much better. Of course, there's outfits neither go with, but those are few and that's a worry for another day. I don't wear them all the time anyway, so it's all good :).


Photo of the day: 11.5.2018 

Colorful Rebellion 
I first saw this in a video by Pixielocks and immediately fell in love with the ridiculous technicolor look. I switch it up with my Mickey Mouse bag charm bag to keep my inhaler in, attached to my bag for easy access. Because you know, it's fun to also have a ridiculously kawaii alternative. 


Outfit: 17.5.2018 

I've got my eyes on you 
I must admit that I find it hard to resist ridiculous prints like this one. Mostly because it's good for Halloween, a Monsters U/Inc Disneybound, or even a Doctor Facilier Disneybound. Or to you know, wear as an oversized shirt or dress. It's very versatile and I love that about it. Plus it's a super airy, comfy fabric. I just have to resist getting the shorts too, because Monki did a whole slew of these eye print pieces.

With Pluisje 


Loa wants to "help" 

And a bonus blooper photo of Loa trying to “help”. 


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