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The week in photos: July 23 - August 5 2018

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Animals (not just my cat, I promise), heatwaves, food and fashion. 

Photo of the day: 23.7.2018 (day 204)

Monday, July 23 (day 204) 
Camera: Canon EOS 800D, 18-55mm Canon lens 
Just a bumblebee nomming. 
#savethebees (and the other pollinating insects).  


Photo of the day: 24.7.2018 

Tuesday, July 24 (day 205) 
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1 
Ice cream time!


Photo of the day: 25.7.2018 

Wednesday, July 25 (day 206) 
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1 
Why is the Starbucks alway gone? 
Also: Monsters University/Inc bracelets I made for me and the other girls in our HSS Disneybound group for an upcoming convention :). 


French propaganda 

Thursday, July 26 (day 207) 
Camera: Canon EOS 800D, 18-55mm Canon lens 
Bert and I went to V2 in Villeneuve d'Ascq (France) and went for a wander outside the mall. There was quite a bit of political propaganda around for what looks like such a peaceful, quiet town. 


basket case 

Friday, July 27 (day 208)
Camera: Canon EOS 800D, 18-55mm Canon lens 
Shinto is a basket case. (sorry not sorry about that ban pun). 



Saturday, July 28 (day 209) 
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1 
Lunch at Hard Rock Café Antwerp. 
We had a 2 for 1 coupon. We only go when we have those, otherwise it's just too expensive. 
Especially considering Burger King Antwerp does nicer burgers and fries and costs a lot less. 
But HRC is Berts fave, so yeah (of course, he has not gone to that BK yet...).  


Photo of the day: 29.7.2018 (day 310) 

Sunday, June 29 (day 210) 
Camera: Canon EOS 800D, 18-55mm Canon lens 
Just a picture of Loa cat. 

Outfit: 29.7.2018 

Outfit of the day 
Just casually Disneybounding an MU student on summer break. 
Hat: Disneyland/Disney Parks 
Glasses: Theo 
Shorts: Pull and Bear 
Flip flop: customised HEMA (I added the wings) 
MU varisty jacket: ebay seller 

Make-up: 29.7.2018 

Make-up of the day 
Blue really isn't my colour, but there you go... 
Basically I put it on, and couldn't be bothered taking it off again. 
- M.A.C, brow sculpt in Cork 
- M.A.C, pigment in Pure White 
- Sephora, fingertip eyeliner in Metallic Turquoise 
- Sugarpill, pressed eyeshadow in Velocity and Tako 
- Too Faced, Shadow Insurance 
- Too Faced, Born This Way Natural Radiance concealer in Fair 
- Yves Rocher, Sexy Pulp mascara in Noir Extréme 
- M.A.C, blush in Full of Joy 
- Too Faced, Hangover Primer 
- Too Faced, Unicorn Tears highlighter 
- Too Faced, Born This Way etherial setting powder in translucent 
- Sephora, cream lip stain in Copper Blush 
- Weleda, Everon lip balm (as primer) 


Photo of the day: 30.7.2018 

Monday, July 30 (day 211) 
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1 
I love these bugs! Striped bugs are some of my faves. 
They're really called striped bugs by the way. Or minstrel bugs.
We, however, call them "pyjama wants", and I'm pretty sure pyjama needs no translation ;).


July faves 

Tuesday, July 31 (day 212) 
Camera: Canon EOS 800D, 18-55mm Canon lens 
Time for monthly faves! Click here for my July favourites. 


Photo of the day: 1.8.2018 

Wednesday, August 1 (day 213) 
Camera: Huawei P9 Lite (Bert's phone) 
It was Bert's birthday, but also his mother's birthday. So here's a photo of the both of them. 


Photo of the day: 2.8.2018 

Thursday, August 2 (day 214) 
Camera: Canon EOS 800D, 18-55mm Canon lens 
Yeah... when cleaning a Beautyblender, don't clean it on your Real Techniques brush cleaning tray. And definitely not on the fine section. Because bits of rubber will come off, and in the end it will literally fall apart. Ooops. Well, I won't be making that mistake again! 


Photo of the day: 3.8.2018 

Friday, August 3 (day 215) 
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1 I bought some donuts. I ate the orange one myself and gave the lime one to Bert. 


Photo of the day: 4.8.2018 

Saturday, August 4 (day 216) 
Camera: Canon PowerShot D20 
We went to visit our friend Marie and swam in her pool :). 


Photo of the day: 5.8.2018 

Sunday, August 5 (day 217) 
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1 
Just a photo of Loa cat sitting outside. 


All daily photos of 2018 are here
Click here for all my outfit shots, and here for all my make-up shots. 
Make-up and outfit shots (unless otherwise indicated) by Bert Van den Wyngaert


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