Tuesday, 31 July 2018

July faves

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The list… 

- Disney Parks, Monsters University hat 
- Dorbz, Sulley 
- M.A.C, Little M.A.C lipstick in Chili 
- Nocibé, fluffy detail brushes 
- Sephora, fingertip eyeliners 
- Sephora, Sweet Balm in Sweet Cherry 
- Too Faced, Born This Way Naturally Radiant concealer in Fair 


Nocibé brush 

I went to the V2 mall in France, which means sales shopping at Nocibé! There’s two in that mall (one actual Nocibé and a Douglas that also carries Nocibé and allows Nocibé loyalty cards. And it’s in that last one that I found all the brushes I still wanted to get! 
I actually needed these detail brushes (I’m not actually sure they’re called that, because I have some from different brands and they’re no two brands using the same name for them) and these were so cheap! €2,68 a piece, and they are really good. I got 4. 
Admittedly they were 70% off. I also got a blending and highlighting brush from their pro range, which were also on sale. And I gotta say, whilst I like those, they’re not favourite material. They’re decent alright, but you can find nicer blending and highlighter brushes off sales, trust me on that. I still feel like they deserve an honorable mention, even though they didn't make the faves. 


Sephora, fingertip eyeliners 

Line those eyes 
Sephora is discontinuing their fingertip eyeliners (boo!), which is super sad. But it did mean they were selling them super cheap. 50 CENTS apiece cheap. 
So I got a bunch of colours that I liked, but would never have spent full price on. With exception of the brown one. I totally wanted the brown one. 
I basically came away with 6 liners and spent only € 3. 
 The turquoise one does stain, making it a pain to remove, but the colour is so pretty I will tolerate the staining. I also got a gold one during the summer sales, but I’ve been using the gold fingertip liner for a while. It was in last year’s July faves, actually. 


Too Faced, Born This Way Naturally Radiant concealer in Fair 

How to not look like a zombie 
This concealer isn’t full coverage, so it’s not exactly erasing all the darkness underneath my eyes. It does, however, make me look very healthy and awake. Plus this stuff is super hydrating. Which is why I love it. It’s also really easy to work with, which is a total bonus in my book. 


Sephora, sweet balm in sweet cherry 

Colours for the lips 
During the Sephora sales, I also picked up one of their Sweet Balms. Ever since I tried a Clinique Chubby stick (courtesy of Aly’s give-away) I have been really liking this kind of thing. I don’t like the price of the Chubby sticks though, so I’ve been trying dupes. Well I tried this as a dupe because it was 70% off and it was only €1,70. I have no regrets nor complaints. I like the colour, it’s very moisturising and it feels really nice. 

M.A.C, Little M.A.C lipstick in Chili 

Bert got me the Little M.A.C version of their Chili lipstick, because I wanted to get a lipstick in between orange and red. He would have gotten me the full sized one, but I specifically asked for a small one. I already own so many lipsticks, I feel like a smaller version is a better choice. The colour is absolutely stunning, and I’ll wear this a ton for sure. Word of warning though, Little M.A.C lipsticks can be a little more challenging to apply because of their much smaller size, but once you get the hang of it, it’s all fine. But yeah, at this point I would say it’ll be an insta repurchase when I run out of this one. 


Sulley Dorbz 

Toys and accessories 
When Shop for Geek was closing, and everything was 60% off, I decided to get something I had been eyeing for ages: this Sulley Dorbz. I think he just looks so adorable! I need to get a shelf to display him and a bunch of other cute bits and bobs. But until then, he can just be cute in his box. I just love Sulley, he’s my favourite Pixar character. 


And speaking of my love for Sulley, and Monsters University/Inc in particular. My friend Marie went to Disneyland in Calfornia with her sister and she bought me back this Monsters University hat, based of the one Mike Wazowski wears in the movie, for my birthday! I’ve been wearing it pretty much every day since she gave it to me. Love it, love it, love it!


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