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Yves Rocher – Botanical Color palette in 01. Nude First impressions

Yves Rocher - Botanical Color palette in 01.Nude

Because in the past I have reviewed products and after a period of time changed my mind about them (NYX brights palette for instance), I have decided to do first impression posts rather than actual reviews now, because I find that they are a far more accurate representation of things. 
If you stumble on a post like this after date so to speak and you wonder how I still like a product, don't be shy, leave a comment and I'll be happy to give you my thoughts :). 
You can also just leave a comment on another social media account of mine, I have them all linked at the bottom of this post :). 

 Anyway, to the point.

Yves Rocher - Botanical Color palette in 01.Nude 

I have had very good experiences with Yves Rocher's Botanical Color eyeshadow singles in the past. 
Especially their black one, Noir ébène mat, is all sorts of amazing. 
You can use their eye shadows wet or dry, which immediately opens up a whole range of opportunities.

Yves Rocher - Botanical Color palette in 01.Nude 

Whilst eye shadow palettes can be subpar to singles, this isn't the case with these Yves Rocher shadows. 
The palettes (there is also a smoky eye one which I don't own because the colours appeal less to me) are literally 10 0,7 gram (0.025 oz) shades in a handy travel format. 
The palette itself is a sturdy plastic. 
Which is very glossy so fingerprint marks are completely unavoidable. 
It does come with a clear film over it so you could just leave that on I suppose.

Yves Rocher - Botanical Color palette in 01.Nude 

I do feel like it doesn't swatch nearly as well as it applies. Because whilst the swatches look a mite patchy, they go on like a DREAM. 

I feel like these shades have been specially developped to suit both a beginner, more experienced and veteran make-up lover. 
You have 5 matte and 5 shimmer shades, giving you everything to do a neutral eye or a more dramatic natural eye. 

It comes with a double ended brush that has a sponge type applicator on one side and a flat eyeshadow brush on the other. 
I have used this brush in looks, and it's alright, but it's far from the best brush ever and obviously, for most eye looks you would need more than just this. 
But it's kind of them to include a brush anyway. 

What you'll notice immediately is that these shades are VERY powdery. 
There's a lot of kickback in the palette, but strangely enough not much fallout on your face at all. 

The transition shades, as you can tell from the swatches are just pigmented enough to do their job, but not so pigmented you can go over the top crazy with them. 
Which is why I feel this is also really good for beginners, as it's damn hard to screw up with a palette like this. 

All of the shades are absolutely stunning. 
Yves Rocher seems to have had a good hard look at the nude trend, sat on it for a while and then combined shades from the biggest trend palettes of the moment and chucked them in this one.

Yves Rocher - Botanical Color palette in 01.Nude

Yves Rocher - Botanical Color palette in 01.Nude

Yves Rocher - Botanical Color palette in 01.Nude

Yves Rocher - Botanical Color palette in 01.Nude 

I have photographed some comparison swatches from this palette with shades from other palettes that I own. 
Comparing them with M.A.C, eye shadow x 9 in Semi-Sweet; Too Faced, Natural Eyes and Too Faced, Chocolate Bon Bons
As you can see, there are few real dupes in this palette, but a lot of similar shades. 
Furthermore, Bois de Bahia from this palette is pretty darn close to Ember from the Urban Decay, Naked Heat palette. I don't own that one, but I have swatched it, so that's how I know. Again, not an exact dupe, but close enough for my Ember cravings to be satisfied. 

Basically, the only reason I got this palette was that the shades could be used wet, which for me personally, is extremely useful. 
I also really wanted the 5 shimmer shades. 
Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the mattes, but the shimmers spoke to me the most.

Yves Rocher - Botanical Color palette in 01.Nude - ingredients 

The names are all on the back of the palette, and they have dedicated numbers to them to make it extra handy to find them. 

All in all, if you are on a budget and you want a solid all round neutral palette, I would definitely check this one out. 
It's better quality than a lot of stuff you find at the drugstore. 
In my opinion, it is far superiour quality than something you would find at NYX and the price between this and their Ultimate Shadows is similar. 
Sure, you get more shades with NYX, but you better have fewer better shades than more subpar ones. 
It's definitely up there in quality with other more expensive palettes, so why spend more money if you can spend less, right? 

Even if you already own a bunch of neutral palettes, like me, I still find that it makes for a nice addition, because there are shades in there I didn't already own and they can be used wet. 

I definitely don't regret buying it, I'm having a lot of fun with this :). 


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