Friday, 5 May 2017

G.L.A.M.S European tour 2017: A Queen of the Night


G.L.A.M.S is finally coming back to Belgium, after an absence of over a year. 
Last time they performed in Belgium was at Atsusacon in Ghent, in the summer of 2015 (you can read more about that live and convention in BCM #25 – free to download here). 

And now they are back for another tour with REALive touring quite a few countries in a span of just a few weeks. 
Respect for the band’s touring stamina! 

I’ll definitely be there, although I’m not sure yet which live (a lot of them are 2 hour drive away from my house so I have a choice, I do admit there were lives in Flanders, which would be far less of a pain for me to get to, Antwerp please! Or Louvain!). 
Which one are you going to? 

If you don’t know the band yet, definitely check them out, there’s bound to be videos on YouTube etc, because they’re pretty good live, and they’re legit nice guys on top of that. 

G.L.A.M.S are also releasing a new CD on the tour, ahead of the Japanese release. 
Now, if you like the band but can’t make it to the lives, don’t worry, they’ll be selling it on the HIGHFeeL/REALive webshop anyway ;)) 

And FIY, no I don’t make any money via affiliate links, etc, saying these things, this post is not sponsored. I’m merely making it because of BCM purposes. 
It seems fun to make this kind of post on this new blog :). 

May 24, Lille, France, DIY Café - album release party + Tetsuto's birthday 
May 27, Krakow, Poland, Magnificon 
May 28, Berlin, Germany, Marie-Antoinette 
June 1, Prague, Czech Republic, Chapeau Rouge 
June 2, Munich, Germany, Garage DeLuxe 
June 3, Lyon, France, La Marquise 
June 4, Paris, France, Le Klub 
June 8, Poznan, Poland, Alligator 
June 9, Cologne, Germany, MTC 
June 10, The Hague, The Netherlands, Animecon 
June 11, Liège, Belgium, Le Garage

For more questions about this tour, direct yourself to the FAQ on the website or use the company's contact form. All I know is compiled in this post, so yeah :).


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