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The week in photos: February 5 - 11 2018

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Shenanigans this way!
Too Faced - unicorn makeup bag 

Monday, February 5 2018 (day 36) 
Camera: Canon EOS 700D, 18-55mm Canon lens 
My nails match my little Unicorn Tears bag. 
I didn't buy that nail polish to match btw, I had it before I got the Unicorn Tears Survival guide in the mail. 
It's Sky Light from H&M. H&M does pretty good nail varnish, too, at a decent price (a little under €5 if I'm not mistaken). 


Photo of the day: 6.2.2018 (day 37) 

Tuesday, February 6 2018 (day 37) 
Camera: Canon EOS 700D, 18-55mm Canon lens 
Just a random Tsum Tsum Tuesday picture. 


Photo of the day: 7.2.2018 

Wednesday, February 7 2018 (day 38) 
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1 
Claire and I went to Antwerp, and this is what makes Kiehl's a really cool store (other than that the people working there are super friendly and helpful). 


Photo of the day: 8.2.2018 (day 39) 

Thursday, February 8 2018 (day 39) 
Camera: Canon EOS 700D, 18-55mm Canon lens 
Loa wasn't cooperative and the light was shit. 
So I kinda gave up trying to take a daily photo after this snapshot. 


Photo of the day: 9.2.2018 (day 40) 

Friday, February 9 2018 (day 40) 
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1 
Getting dressed is hard when Loa cat decides to take a nap on most of your outfit X_x. 


Bert and John Rhys-Davies 

Saturday, February 10 2018 (day 41) 
Camera: Canon EOS 700D, 18-55mm Canon lens 
Bert and John Rhys-Davies at Comic Con Brussels. 
We were lucky enough (thanks to his very kind and patient manager) to ask him a few interview questions for the upcoming edition of BCM. 
He's really a super awesome guy! 
I've already started uploading my photos of the event here, but the set is far from complete. 
I'm going to try to get a blog post up about it next week.

Outfit: 10.2.2018 

Outfit of the day: 
I just threw something together, in hindsight I should have thought harder on this. 
Hat: Disney Store US Star Wars merchandise 
Glasses: Theo 
Scarf: etsy seller 
Blouse: Ank Rouge 
Dress: made it myself 
Tights: Teja Jamilla 
Boots: Palladium 
Bag: Bakker made with Love 
Bags: Fossil, handmade, Han Cholo, asos, Roxy, Pieces, Moon Raven Designs

Make-up of the day: 10.2.2018 

Make-up of the day: 
I should never again be allowed to do my make-up in low light. Ever. 
- M.A.C, Brow sculpt in Cork 
- M.A.C, in extreme dimension color lash mascara/work it out in Muscle Tee 
- M.A.C, pro longwear concealer in NC20 
- M.A.C, technakohl liner in Snowed In 
- Too Faced, Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer 
- Too Faced, Chocolate Bon Bons in Dvinity, Cashew Chew and Almond Truffle FACE: 
- M.A.C, blush in Full of Joy 
- Too Faced, Hangover Primer 
- Too Faced, Unicorn Tears highlighter 
- Too Faced, Sweet Peach Glow bronzer 
- Sephora, cream lip stain in Copper Blush 
- Too Faced, La Crème in Unicorn Tears 
- Weleda, Everon lip balm 


New Harry Potter bag 

Sunday, February 11 2018 (day 42) 
Camera: Canon EOS 700D, 18-55mm Canon lens 
My new Harry Potter bag, it was a gift from Bert. 
He bought it for me at Comic Con Brussels yesterday at the Large stand ♥.

Outfit: 11.2.2018 

Outfit of the day: 
It looked WAY cuter without the coat, but the weather was so shit that it was just too damn cold to pose without it. 
Hat: Disneyland Paris 
Glasses: Theo 
Brown scarf: ASOS 
Gryffindor scarf: Binary Winter 
Coat: H&M 
Top: Monki 
Skirt: made it myself 
Petticoat: Dear Celine 
Tights: H&M 
Boots: Palladium 
Bag: Bioworld

no make-up day: 11.2.2018 

Couldn't be bothered to put on make-up, but I did wear the coloured lip balm from Clinique from Aly's give-away because it's really good :). 


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Click here for all my outfit shots, and here for all my make-up shots. 
Make-up and outfit shots (unless otherwise indicated) by Bert Van den Wyngaert  

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