Thursday, 4 January 2018

Disney in Concert

Disney in Concert

Just after the Christmas madness, it was time for Disney in Concert
The organisation had been so kind to put Bert and I on the guestlist so we could come and enjoy the concert, and write a review for The Gatehouse (already up!) and BCM (not up yet). 
So off to Brussels Expo we went for the Flemish/Dutch version on December 27th, last year.
It was a good thing we left early, because it took us about an hour and half to get there O_o. 
Traffic wasn't that crazy on a whole, but we got stuck outside Nekkerhal in Mechelen because the annual jumping event was going on, so that significally added to the duration of our trip. 
Remember folks: Boxing Day 'till New Year's eve is the time best to avoid that area of Mechelen all together because you will be stuck there for half an hour! 

We still made it there with 20 minutes to spare though. 
We parked the car at the first parking lot we encountered, which was a good choice because the ones closer to Hall 12 were all full, and by the looks of it, the free spots were all taken too. 
Bert was a little unconvinced that I knew where it was, but I knew. 
I KNEW alright! (mostly because I remembered the Hall number from Comic Con back in November 2016).

Disney in Concert! 

So we found the hall we had to be at without any issues. It was raining and we had umbrellas with us, and that wasn't an issue at all. Which was good. 
Upon arrival we were separated, because women had to go through female security and men through male security (that was new). 
I felt a little bad for the girls behind me, because I had a very full bag and was waved through immediately, without security passing a proper glance at my bag and the girls behind me only had a small purse and they got checked very thoroughly. 
The next guy very kindly pointed me to where I needed to get our tickets, which was super nice of him. 
I managed to find Bert, who got told that he couldn't take photos by a member of security (hence me using someone else's concert photos for my reviews and this post, they're all by Dream Team and were kindly provided to me by the organisation MB presents), and wander to the ticket desks. 
There were three desks, the middle one was the only one that was open. The guy sent us to the desk on the right. 
Where a girl from the organisation was at and she was all: "no no Hilde, you have to be at the far left desk". ONE DAY she will find me in another state than utterly confused and flustered. Sadly this was not the day (if you read this, I do apologise, I will try to be in a state of sanity and calm next time we meet! [Pretty sure Peter and Bert are laughing their asses off when they read this]). 
ANYWAY, third time was a charm, and we got our tickets, huzzah! 

We got into the venue itself without problems at all. It was really well organised. The hall can be a bit of a maze, so there was plenty of staff around to help you out if you needed help navigating the place. 
There were concession stands and free clean toilets. 
And they had forseen ample time for people to come in and find their seats. There was enough light to find seats too. And before the start of the show, they sent out a message outside the concert area so people knew they had to get back to their seats. 
With enough notice, because I was in the toilets when it went off pre-show and it was still 5 minutes 'till the actual start. 
Seriously, so well organised! Top notch!

Disney in Concert 

The concert itself was EXCELLENT! 
I did an entire review, including setlist (or what I hope is the correct setlist at least, I scribbled in my notebook in the near dark because I didn't want to bother people around me with my flashlight) on The Gatehouse, which you can read here
Seriously, so awesome. 
If they do it again next year, I hope the organisation will let me come again. 
I think I want to try the French version with Marie next. Because she LOVES Disney and Disney music (and is French speaking) and I don't know the lyrics if they're not English anyway. 
Plus, it would be good to be able to review both languages I think :). 

Anyway, have some more pictures! :)

Disney in ConcertDisney in Concert Disney in Concert Disney in Concert Disney in Concert 

Like I stated before, all concert photos are by Dream Team, they were kindly provided by MB presents, and I'm using them with permission.

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