Monday, 25 December 2017

Merry Christmas!

Because I am a dork, here's a sequence of photos featuring Loa cat, the faithful feline blogging assistant. Who was completely bribed into this with Natural Nosh duck strips haha. But yeah, rather than a boring Christmas image, have this instead :) 

Santa, Loa can explain

It's not too late to explain to Santa that waking yous all up for my own entertainment was not naughty right? Right hooman?

Santa, Loa can explain

I've been a good cat! Right? RIGHT?!

Santa, Loa can explain

It really is too late to explain, isn't it? 

FIY, Loa got a new super soft blanky from Primark for the sofa for Christmas. He is super happy with it, because it is soft and a nice dark colour. I originally got him this tee uber cheap off taobao so he could match with my "Santa, can we negotiate?" sweater, but we didn't get round to getting a photo together. Next year, hopefully (if we don't forget again). I hope you guys all had an amazing Christmas!

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