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Favourites of the month: October 2017

October faves

All the things I've loved this Halloween month (not just Halloween things, rest assured)!
- BE creative makeup, photo perfecting primer 
- Disney XD, Ducktales 
- HEMA, bat lighting 
- Alexander Henry, Belinda's Big Kitty 
- I Love Crafty x Pony People, Halloween brooches 
- M.A.C, sized to go pigment in Chartreuse 
- Nocibé, artist eyeshadow in Mambo Americano 
- NYX, faux blacks eyeliner in Oxblood 
- NYX, faux whites eye brightener in White Smoke 
- NYX, hot single shadows in Dressed to Kill 
- NYX, soft matte lipcream in Antwerp 
- Pros-aide 
- Riverdale 
- Yves Rocher, Botanical Color eyeshadow in Noir ébène  
- Yves Rocher, Botanical Color Palette in nude 
- Starbucks, Pumpkin Spice frappucino 
- Sugarpill, pressed eyeshadow in Flamepoint 
- Swimmer, Alice in Wonderland travel mirror 
- Too Faced, Born this Way ethereal setting powder 
- Too Faced, Melted Matte in Gingerbread

Happy Halloween! 

First things first, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 
Have a little Jack o' Lantern I painted :). 


BE creative make up - photo perfecting primer 

Start with the base 
I originally bought this primer because I mistakingly thought I was running out of Hangover Primer, and I needed a primer STAT. 
And then I discovered this is an amazing SFX primer. 
It's not marketed as such, but it is one regardless. 
So that's what I use it for. 
It's a little pricy for the amount you get, but really worth it if you're going to actively bodypaint and/or do SX stuff on your face. 
And you can just get it at ICI PARIS XL, which is a total bonus because SFX stuff can be really hard to get in Belgium. 


Halloween looks require eye shadow, lots of it!

Nocibé, artist eye shadow in Mambo Américaine 

Mambo on Halloween 
I got this back in July during the summer sales at Nocibé, when Bert and I went to the V2 mall at Villeneuve-d'Ascq. 
I used it a few times here and there whilst I was preparing for 31 days of Halloween, but I really put it to good use this month :). 
I really like it. I especially like that you can use it wet or dry, although I have to say that if you really want colour payoff, you definitely should use it wet. 
But that said, it's really nice to own a shimmery orange as well as matte ones. 
I did depot it and put it in my Z palette together with my 3 Sugarpill shadows because the packaging was just so impractical.

Sugarpill - Flamepoint 

And speaking of matte orange, this brings me to Flamepoint by Sugarpill. Which is AMAZEBALLS AND I LOVE IT! 
It is SO pigmented (it is so pigmented that it stains brushes, just like my other Sugarpill shadows). OMG! 
This is such a rich and vibrant orange that it makes my Halloween loving heart beat faster. 
Definitely the favourite orange shade I own. It reminds me a lot of the old Orange by M.A.C I used to own (bought it back in 2008, when M.A.C mattes were still super pigmented as a rule), which makes me super happy because I have lamented the lack of Orange quite a bit.


Comparison shot to Rule by M.A.C. 
 Not only do you get a much bigger pan with Sugarpill, for less money (even if you buy it off their website, I bought mine off Beauty Bay), you also get a LOT more colour. 
Would 100% recommend if you want bright popping shades (if you want a wearable day-to-day orange so to speak, go with Rule, which is also awesome, just not as awesome). 

NYX - hot singles shadow in Dressed to Kill 

Dressed to kill, indeed 
As many readers of my blog know, I generally don't speak very highly of NYX eye shadows. 
This, however, is an exception. 
It is super pigmented and it is so amazingly shimmery that it's practically foiled. I used it for my Jack o' Lantern demon look, and whilst I bought it pretty much specifically for that (being that NYX refill pans are very cheap at €2,80 a piece), I will definitely grab it whenever I need a nice shimmery dark gray for a look (it won't happen often, but when it happens, this is my go to for sure!). 
Really impressed with this one, if all NYX shadows were like Dressed to Kill, I'd have several palettes full of them for sure! (But sadly they're not, alas!)

Yves Rocher - Botanical color eyeshadow in Noir ébène 

Black as night 
 I would say that the formula of Yves Rocher's Botanical eyeshadow in Noir ébène is as good as that of a Sugarpill eye shadow (which is why I don't own Bulletproof). 
Plus, you can use this wet, which is always an added bonus. 
It's super pigmented, long lasting and ultra black. 
I'm really impressed with these matte shadows from Yves Rocher, and as they are super affordable, I'll probably get some more in the future when I need to get extra shades. 

Yves Rocher - Botanical Color palette in 01.Nude 

And a whole palette, because I love this stuff! 
I stand by everything I said in my first impressions post about this palette
I have enjoyed using this so, so much this month. 
This stuff is awesome because it has no fall-out on my face (despite the kick back in the pan), the shadows are very pigmented, stay on all day, are super comfortable (you don't feel that they're there) and can be used wet or dry. Excellent stuff indeed! 


M.A.C - sized to go pigment in Chartreuse 

Hail pigment 
I originally got this one because it was a great dupe for the one Birdie uses in her awesome half pumpkin mask tutorial and I wanted to do it for Halloween. And I did. 
But anyway, I REALLY love this. It's amazingly pigmented, so easy to work with and the colour lasts forever, even when you apply it dry (which I did). 
I like having it, because sometimes I'm just not in the mood for a matte eye shadow and it'll be good to have come Christmas and next St-Patricks/Air Kraken Day. 
Yeah I don't wear much green, but I do love it! 
That's the awesome thing about sized to go pigments too, it's exactly the right size for my green pigment needs! 


NYX - faux blacks eyeliner in Oxblood 

Blood? I'll take it! 
This is actually another product by NYX I didn't expect to like as much as I do. 
I figured that with the Halloween season, I could do with a more “blood” coloured liner for my waterline. 
Sadly, the only brand I know that does them is Urban Decay, in their Naked Heat line. The sole reason I didn't want to go for that is the price tag. For a liner I won't use often it's simply too expensive. But then I remembered the faux blacks range from NYX, and figured that I might as well give that a go. 
And omg, this stuff is awesome. 
It really stays all day without budging in the slightest, it doesn't irritate my eyes what so ever. And it's only €7,20, that's way cheaper than the technakohl liners from M.A.C I usually use! Of course, nothing will ever replace my trusty Brass Band, but the rest is fair game. 
If there's a shade I want/need, this is the range I'll be checking first. .

NYX - faux whites eye brightener in White Smoke 

Not sure what's smoky or white about this, but ok 
Apparently this colour is periwinkle, whatever that may be, it looks like a lilac to me. 
What it is for sure, is amazing. 
Like the faux blacks counterpart I own, this easily lasts all day without running, smudging (well other than the smudging you actually do yourself) or other discomfort or shenanigans. 
I feel like NYX really upped their game with these pencils. Now if they would only do an actual white... 



Not just any adhesive 
Pros-aide is a medical grade adhesive, which means it's generally used in both the medical industry and the world of SFX. 
Its much kinder to the skin than spirit gum and lash glue. 
Whilst it is best removed with something like isopropyl myristate, you can also use warm water and soap.
I find that it's also much less irritating. In fact, pros-aide doesn't irritate my skin at all, whilst I'm not too fond of spirit gum and lash glue (they just feel ick). 
I use this for all my adhesive needs, from simple things like sticking glitter stars to my face, to bigger SFX work and even full scale prosthetics. 
This stuff isn't waterproof though, so if you're into some large prosthetics and you may be out in foul weather, a pool or somewhere where you'll sweat a lot (e.g. a club), you may have to consider something else. 


Too Faced - Melted Matte in Gingerbread 

Wrong season! 
Now, I would be super pissed off at Too Faced about releasing Christmas crap in SEPTEMBER, but I will forgive them ONLY because they never do a Halloween collection. Which they bloody well should. But my uber againstness when it comes to Christmas before Halloween (hard pass) aside, I'll make an exception just ONCE. 
For three reasons: 
1. this was a birthday present from my best friend. Thank you Charlotte! 
2. this shade is actually also pretty autumnal! 
 3. it's gingerbread, and I LOVE gingerbread, or speculoos/speculaas (depending on who you ask over here or whether you're in Belgium or France). We have it all year round and it is a delicious treat, which I love to devour. 
But yeah, I feel like they really amped up the formula on this. Either that, or I've gotten much more used to liquid lipsticks (originally I didn't get on with them at all) or Evil Twin (the only other Melted I own) is just not the best from the bunch. I recall my friend Aly saying that she had issues with that one she didn't have with any of her other ones (and she does love the Melted formula and owns loads of them). 
So yeah, could be either way, in any case, I really like this. Too bad it's limited edition, but owning as many lipsticks as I do, I'm not at risk of running out any time soon because I like to switch things up.

Too Faced - Melted Matte in Gingerbread 


NYX - soft matte lip cream in Antwerp 

The other liquid lipstick I really enjoyed this month was Antwerp by NYX. Generally I avoid NYX' liquid lipsticks like the plague, and the reviews I have heard of the soft matte lip creams have generally not been positive at all.
But they gave me a tiny sample of this on the Weekend of the Customer, and of course I was at least going to try it.
I was VERY pleasantly surprised by this, and I've used it quite a few times since I got it on October 1st. I would at this time definitely consider buying the full size once I run out of this! 


Too Faced, Born This Way, ethereal setting powder 

Set all the things
Or all the make-up at least.
Finally, a setting powder that works for me! I tried the essence and NYX ones, which were both rubbish and full of flashback, and then I ended up giving up and getting this Too Faced one as soon as it appeared on the French Sephora website (months and months after it was released in the US, as these things go). 
No regrets, even with that price tag! 
Super comfortable to wear, easy to use, no flashback, and it actually WORKS with SFX products such as scar wax, another thing the essence and NYX ones refused to do. 
So yeah, not happy with the price point, but happy that I bought it because it's come to some really good use shooting 31 days of Halloween! 


Swimmer mirror
Through the looking glass 
I actually got this in Tokyo last month, and I've been using it every single time I've been doing my make-up, but I stupidly forgot to include it in last month's faves, even though I LOVE this. 
So obviously, that situation needed urgent rectifying, ergo it simply had to be in this month's faves. 
It's a really good travel mirror, because it can stand up so well and it has tons of padding build in. 
Of course, it's still a mirror and so some care is necessary, but it's sturdy. 
And it has some pretty good edges around the mirror, so you never get dirty fingers on the glass either, which is a total bonus in my opinion. 
Had I known I'd love this so much, I'd have gotten a spare! 
Sadly, Swimmer is closing, but luckily, this type of mirror is very popular in Japan so I'll be able to get a second sooner or later. 


Photo of the day: 29.9.2017 (day 272) 

Accessorize your Halloween! 
I love I Love Crafty x Pony People brooches, because they are rad. I actually wanted the Cat o' Lantern brooch last year, but it had already sold out. So I had to wait a whole year and when release day for the Halloween collection came 'round, I snagged both this and the new black cat and skull brooch. 
I really love the look of that one too, and I feel like I'll get a little more wear out of it all year 'round, compared to the pumpkin one. 


Alexander Henry - Haunted House: Belinda's Big Kittie 

Turn the fabric into a dress 
When I saw this fabric in the local fabric shop, I had to have it. 
Because I loved it so much, Bert bought it for me. 
And then I turned it into a dress. 
Which is now my favourite otome-kei dress :). 
I will definitely be wearing this outside of Halloween, too :).

Day 21/31 days of Halloween 


Photo of the day: 27.9.2017 (day 270) 

Let there be bats, erm light! 
I got these Halloween decorations, which just so happen to both involve bats and light, at HEMA, and I looooooove them. 
So much in fact, I will be keeping them out year 'round. 
At first I wasn't too pleased with them being battery operated, but I've used both a few times and they seem to be really economical on the batteries (2 AA ones each), which is great. 
Plus, if we ever end up with a black-out (the government threatens with those every winter just so people would get in line with their dangerous nuclear bullshit), we have battery operated lighting so we won't be in the dark after all :). 

Photo of the day: 28.9.2017 (day 271) 


Pumpkin Spice all the way! 

Seasonal noms! 
If there is one thing I have loved for years and years, it is the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice drinks. 
Originally it was just the latte, and then the frappucino arrived as well. 
And I love that even more than I love the latte. 
So it just has to be in my favourites! 
 Bless my friend Jon, who has gotten me “make pumpkin spice latte at home” kits from their local US Starbucks. I have high hopes for those (they're not here yet). 


Riverdale season 2 

Season 2 of Riverdale is here! 
As some of you might know, I loved season 1, so I am very excited to see how season 2 unfolds. I especially love how there is so much plot in this show. Because I do love me a good metaplot with tons of side plots!

Ducktales 2017 - season 1 poster 

Ducktales, woo-oo 
I grew up watching the original Ducktales cartoon. 
I loved the original Ducktales cartoon. 
So I was cautiously enthusiastic when Disney announced the remake for 2017. And oh my god, this is AMAZING! 
I LOVE the new drawing style and I LOVE that it has the exact same feel and adventuring of the old cartoon. 
Disney absolutely NAILED this, and my sole regret is that there's not more episodes in the season, because I WANT MORE! 


Montly faves from the past on this blog. 
Previous monthly favourites going back much further on my old blog. 


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