Thursday, 27 April 2017

analog baby! Adventures in medium format photography

Photo of the day: 8.4.2017 (day 108)

Because both of these rolls contain photos of Coalescaremonium, it seemed appropriate to put them together in one post.

Be prepared for architecture, trees, cherry blossoms, street views, a Gothic event, and more.

Let's get started with colour, as the roll of colour film was the first one I shot out of these two.

Camera: Agfa Click 1

Film: Kodak Portra 160

I started out by taking photos on a quiet afternoon in Mechelen, Belgium.

architecture and trees

 Framing skills, what are these framing skills you speak of? Oops!

Blossomy tree + street

Still framing impaired! I really have a hard time switching between the framing of my analog and digital cameras :(.

Quiet afternoon in Mechelen, Belgium

Bruul, one of the main shopping streets of Mechelen.

awesome tree is awesome

Awesome old tree in the Botanique (Kruidtuin ---> translates to herb garden) little park in the middle of the city. It's an ancient tree and it's in fact been fenced off, probably to make sure people don't climb it's many, many branches).

Some shots in Heist-op-den-Berg

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

These blossoms are sadly all gone now, but they were gorgeous and smelled so nice whilst they were there.


Another street shot, featuring Bert.

And now for Coalescaremonium!





I actually like how these a are a little blurry, it adds to that horror movie vibe of Tessa's look. With the (fake!) human teeth all over her nails and necklace and such.

And now for the monochrome photos. 
Camera: Agfa Click 1
Film: Ilford Delta 100

Photo of the day: 8.4.2017 (day 108)

Because there has to be at least one double exposure photo.



Cinquantenaire Museum

At one point I went to the Cinquantenaire park about 5 minutes from the venue (if it even is that far) to take some photos with François (aka: François wanted a million photos of himself). This is the one photo WITHOUT François, of part of the Cinquantenaire museum building. Which is an AWESOME museum btw, and I really recommend visiting it.



François' mandatory ridiculous tourist shot. (He calls them that, I just couldn't resist taking one, he did protest, a little, pretty much 'till the camera was pointed at him ^^).


François' sulk face when he found out that on a film camera, you can't see the photo show up on a screen (tssss!) and that you have to wait for over a week to get the film back. DEAL WITH IT DUDE :P (I like to mock François' vanity).

Post-Coalescaremonium, shooting the last two frames

Photo of the day: 9.4.2017 (day 109)

Very badly framed photo of Bert and Loa, I am ashamed of myself XD.

Photo of the day: 10.4.2017 (day 100)

I don't even know how the case managed to get into the frame without me noticing it. I think I went a little coo-coo at the last two frames or something XD.
I really need to start doing better!!!!

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