Thursday, 20 September 2018

A very geeky Sunday with friends! :)

Comic Con Antwerp program

Last Sunday it was time for Comic Con Antwerp. Which Bert especially was looking forward to because it had Jeremy Shada as the main guest. 
Aka, the voice of Finn in Adventure Time. 
Which is Bert’s favourite cartoon. 

So that’s why on a Sunday we got up way too early…

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Two years worth of August flashback faves

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For this post’s opener I have only photographed the things I still actively use and/or love, as two years’ worth of faves amounts to quite a few things, but I am talking about literally all (with pictures!) of my favourites from the past two years, honest :).
If you are curious about my initial August faves that were on the basis for this post, as well as my August 2017 faves and August 2017 flash back faves, just click the links in this sentence :). 
I’ve got beauty, home décor, books, accessories and kitchenware.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

France trip day 3 - Le Château de Champs-sur-Marne

Entry ticket

On our last day in France, Bert and I decided to visit Champs-sur-Marne castle. We had looked up what sites in the area were good to visit before we left on our trip, and the castle popped up on several site. We like castles, and we like to wander castle grounds, so we figured that was as good a way to spend our last day in France as any. 

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

July flashback faves, covering 2 years of July faves!

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July flashback faves 
Time to look back to two July's worth of favourites, just to see how I feel about this lot now. I didn't do a flashback faves last month, but I'm back this month! Seeing I started to do monthly faves in June 2016 (time flies!) this is going to cover both July 2016 and July 2017. 
I think it's really good to properly look back about what I loved before, and how I look upon it now, because it really helps me keeping myself in check buying new things :).